U14 Fiji Tour 2024 – Updates

Tour dates : Sep 28 – Oct 08 – CONFIRMED – We are booked! Please see ITINERARY : https://wakehurst.rugby/fiji-tour-2024-itinerary/

Break down of costs

  • $1,042 Flights
  • $ 959 Accommodation (incl brekafast & meals) for those staying at Crows Nest
  • $ 135 Mandatory Activities (vistis & donations to church, school & village, village BBQ, rugby games)
  • $ 200 Local travel costs (airport transfers, buses and drivers & guides)

Optional Activities NB costs are based on last year – cost to be finalised when numbers complete

  • $150 Robinson Crusoe Is Tour
  • $ 80 4WD & River Safari
  • $ 40 Beach & Snorkelling Day
  • $100 River Rafting
  • $ 40 Sand dunes
  • $ 50 Paintball

Important Dates

Please see Commitee Meeting Notes

June 15 Parents Trivia night, Winter mega raffle. At WRC clubhouse. All welcome. If you went to last year’s event you know how much it was! This is a great fund-raising opportunity. We expect all parents for the 2024 tour to join in.
June 30Finalise travellers
We’ll collect all details for travellers. PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE A PASSPORT WHICH IS VALID to 6 MONTHS AFTER Oct 08 2026 (ie: 08 Apr 2025)
Sep 28 – Oct 08Fiji Tour Accommodation – team is staying at ‘The Crows Nest’ Sigatoka, Fiji. For info about accommodation please see Hotel Options. For travel assistance please contact: Karena@elevatetravel.com.au

Please enter travellers details and see optional activities for accompanying travellers: https://wakehurst.rugby/2024-fiji-tour-travel-details-form/

We have a number of activities planned which we expect that all travellers will join us for including: church, village and school visits, village rugby game and main match. These activities are priced in with the cost of the tour.

Other actrivities planned: rafting, Robinson Crusoe Island trip, river adventure, beach and snorkelling, sand dune trip and paint ball are included for the boys – but are optiional paid for activities for accompanying travellers.

A note on how fundraising allocation is determined:  

Fundraising directly allocated to the individual boy:

  • For ticket sales like the xmas raffle, cash raffle, doggy day out tickets and Parents Trivia night tickets, the boys are directly credited for the number of tickets they sell. If you sell $100 worth of tickets, that is $100 towards your fundraising. If mum and dad buy tickets to the Parents Trivia night that goes towards your fundraising.

Fundraising that is pooled:

  • For volunteering at the Spring 7s and Gala Days events, we divided the earnings of each of those events by the number volunteer slots each child/parent filled. For example with Spring 7s if there were 48 canteen and BBQ jobs across the 6 weeks and if you volunteered for 3 jobs – you receive 3/48 of the profit across those 6 weeks.
  • For ticket sales for the Meat Tray raffle we have combined all earnings, averaged across all weeks and divided across the number times each child participated.
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