U14 Fiji Tour 2024 – Meeting Minutes

Date10 Dec
PresentMarcus, Jude, Carly, Adriaan
Discussion PointsWhat happens if I exceed my target ($3000 + $300 deposit)?
The club will NOT make any decisions on your behalf for any excess funds. We recommend some options like :
– contribute to local fundraising (shool and church, rugby club) (or a combination of)
– help your parents flights
– help a team mate

What happens if I am getting behind on my fundraising?
– let us know! There meat raffles and touch 7s oppotrtunbuties
There is a ‘contingency fund’ which is made from left-over cash from 2023 tour.
– this is used for any contigencies, price changes, unexpected costs

Xmas raffle draw – Dec 17
– On Sunday there will be a sizing kit. If you cannot make Dec 17 you’ll need to send us your sizing
– update on fundraising
– raffle 7:00
bar open open at 6 – get an update (Ando or Jason available for questions – TBD).
Action Items / Follow-ups1. Adriaan check with Cavalinos for a Parent Night fucntion early 2024
2. Adriaan follow-ups raffle prizes for districtunion
3. Marcus check for clothing merch for sale
4. Marcus chase-up ticket sales stubs for raffle draw – and tumble barrel
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