Foxtel Touch 7s – How to Play

The team @ Wakehurst have worked with the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) Touch 7s organisers to get a Touch 7s Tutorial created.

We hope that this will give players and parents and overview of touch 7s before we start our competition.

What are the Rules?

  1. Seven (7) players (male, female or mixed) in each team
  2. Touches, not tackles
  3. Seven (7) touches to score before ball given to opposition
  4. PASS to a teammate or perform a BALL PLACE once you’re touched.
    • PASS – 2 seconds to pass & 2 steps allowed
    • BALL PLACE  – Defenders have to stand back 5 metres
  5. When ball goes over the sideline a quick throw takes place
  6. Kicking allowed in general play (depending on age and skill)
  7. Turnovers – Ball goes to other team when the attacking team:
    • Drops the ball forward
    • Does a forward pass
    • Uses up their 7 touches