Subbies Team

The Wakehurst Suburban Team (“Subbies”) plays for the “Meldrum Cup” Division 6 of the NSW Suburban Rugby Union, and welcomes players from 17 to 50 years of age.

The clubs in this division are split into two conferences: North, playing for the Jeffrey Cup; and South-East, playing for the Noice Cup. The winners of the two conferences will then play off ‘Super Bowl’ style for the Meldrum Cup.

All games are typically played on Saturday afternoons.

Competition (2022)

The details for this years competition are still being finalised.


Training is held on Tuesday nights up at the Wakehurst Rugby Park and commences at 7pm.


Geoff Benstead has been coaching in a Shute Shield Club for the last 5 years and many years as a rep coach and junior coach

Mark Ronald has been a NSW rep coach and Juniors coach for many years, and coached one rep side for 2 years undefeated.

Do you want to play?

There are quite a few players keen to get started this year so bring your mates if they are thinking about having a run. Soccer players make great rugby players and we are happy to help Leaggies convert over to the game they play in heaven – rugby union!!!!!!

Registrations – 2022

Registrations for 2022 are open this years fee are $100, you can pay by Debit/Credit Card

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Additional Information
Additional information can be found on the Wakehurst Subbies Facebook page.

Alternatively, please contact Matt Mitchell Seniors President on 0456 250 000 or you can send Matt an email at

Emergency Contact Information

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Price: $ 100.00